Missing Fort Hood Solider found near base

Missing Fort Hood Solider found near base

     Missing Fort Hood Soldier found near base. A body, 30 miles from the military installation, was found hanging from a tree late Tuesday. There was identification found with the body indicating he was Sgt. Elder Fernandes, who was reported last seen on the 17th of August.

My question is, how many more soldiers need to go missing before the base commander locks the base down and gets an in-depth investigation going, better yet when will BIG ARMY step in and start asking questions! According the Army Times, 8 soldiers have died on or off base, with 5 of those deaths linked to foul play. With that many deaths, you would think someone from leadership at Ft Hood would've took notice and pushed this to upper leadership.

Of course when reached for comment on Tuesday, Ft Hood officials did not respond to the request. Why are they trying to avoid these murder cases? In a statement from U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, Ft Hood has some of the highest numbers in sexual harassment, assaults and murder. An independent probe has been ordered earlier this month into the infamous Ft Hood. My question to Secretary Ryan McCarthy, why has it taken this long before anything's been done? You would think after the second soldier was reported murdered due to foul play that would've set off alarms and red flags to start an investigation way earlier this year, not when the 5th body was reported and media pressure was applied.

It's time our Military starts paying attention to the men and women who give everything to this country, we're more than just a number.


-Big Panda

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